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Does the industry now support paternalism?

Policy battles over consumer protection often hinge on what’s better for consumers. That’s because consumer advocates often call for reforms that will aid consumers while the industry, which presumably doesn’t want to oppose proposals based simply on the position that they will cut into industry profits, instead attacks the claim that the reforms will actually […]

Study finds cybersecurity doesn’t have significant impact on identity theft

A. Oloyede, I. Ajibade, C. Obunadike, A. Phillips, O. Shittu, E. Taiwo, all of Austin Peay State University, and S. Kizor-Akaraiwe of the University of Washington have written A Review of Cybersecurity as an Effective Tool for Fighting Identity Theft across United States, 12 International Journal on Cybernetics and Informatics, No.5, (October 2023). Here is […]

Richard Frankel Empirical Study of How Businesses Responded to Mass Arbitration

Richard Frankel of Drexel has written Fighting Mass Arbitration: An Empirical Study of the Corporate Response to Mass Arbitration and Its Implications for the Federal Arbitration Act. Here’s the abstract: Over the last forty years, corporations have increasingly inserted mandatory arbitration provisions into their consumer and employment contracts. Most prominently, and with the Supreme Court’s blessing, […]

NACA Paid Summer Consumer Law Fellowship, Including for 1Ls

We received the following announcement: The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is pleased to announce its first annual Summer Consumer Law Fellowship Project. The Fellowship will pay a $5,000 stipend to at least five (5) students who spend the summer months working for a NACA member non-profit, legal-aid, or private consumer law firm on […]

Registration open for Teaching Consumer Law Conference

Here’s the announcement:   Teaching Consumer Law Conference “Teaching Consumer Law in a Changing Environment” Santa Fe, New Mexico May 17-18, 2024 Preceded by the Law School Consumer Clinic Conference on May 16   The Center for Consumer Law & Economic Justice at the UC Berkeley School of Law and The Center for Consumer Law […]

NACA announces consumer law fellowship to help new law school grads break into consumer law practice

I think this is great. Here’s the announcement: The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is pleased to announce its first annual 2-year Consumer Law Fellowship. For the first fellowship we are offering, NACA is partnering with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA). The program is designed to encourage new law school graduates to pursue a […]

Andrea Chandrasekhar paper finds chain stores in Black neighborhoods offer lower-quality consumer experience than in White neighborhoods

Andrea Chandrasekher of UC-Davis has a history of writing important papers on important subjects. She has done so again, with The “Good” Starbucks: Consumer Redlining in Large American Chain Stores. Here’s the abstract: Racial discrimination in the retail realm has been well-documented in the academic literature. However, past studies have focused on retail redlining, a discriminatory […]

Consumer Reports study finds surge in complaints about credit report errors

Here.  Excerpt: [F]or the past three years, having incorrect information on a report has been the No. 1 complaint made to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to CFPB data compiled by Consumer Reports. What’s more, the number of complaints about credit report errors more than doubled in recent years, from 165,129 in 2021 to […]