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Raba and Jimenez’s important study on what happens when debt defendants have to pay to file answers

Claire Johnson Raba of Illinois-Chicago and California-Irvine and Dalié Jiménez of California- Irvine and Harvard’s Center on the Legal Profession have written Pay to Plead: Finding Unfairness and Abusive Practices in California Debt Collection Cases. Here’s the abstract: In this Article, we report on one of the largest studies of debt collection lawsuits ever attempted. We […]

For law professors: want to be on a list of consumer law profs for reporters to call?

I often get emails from reporters seeking comment on a consumer law matter. When I can, I answer their questions, but frequently they want someone who knows about an aspect of consumer law I don’t know that much about. In such cases, I refer them to someone else when I know of a better choice […]

Congress passes FAA reauthorization bill with consumer protection provisions

After several delays, the House today passed a five-year reauthorization bill for the FAA, which had previously passed the Senate. The bipartisan bill includes a number of consumer protection provisions, including provisions related to: refunds for cancellations and significant delays seating for travel with children and passengers with disabilities access to customer service agents The […]

Colorado legislature passes AI bill

On Wednesday, Colorado lawmakers passed a sweeping artificial intelligence regulation bill. The legislation seeks to protect consumers from algorithmic discrimination when AI is used to make life-altering decisions, such as about a person’s employment, education or health care. It also included consumer rights provisions such as the right to know when AI is being used […]

Does WalMart Think Its Customers Would Confuse It With the Devil?

It’s been years since I have had to litigate the issue of whether the inclusion of a trademark in the domain name for a web site about the trademark holder has Lanham Act ramifications. I rather thought that issue was settled by such cases as Lamparello and Bosley. The final nail in the coffin was […]

DOT Releases Airline Refund and Transparency Rules

Today, the Department of Transportation published on its website a final rule regarding airline refunds, requiring (1) automatic (cash) refunds when flights are cancelled or significantly changed and customers do not accept alternatives offered, (2) refunds of checked bag fees for significantly delayed bags, (3) refunds for ancillary services fees (seating, etc.) that are paid […]

NACA extends application deadline for entry-level consumer law fellowship until June 1

Here’s the announcement (original available here): NACA Consumer Law Fellowship Program with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is offering a 2-year consumer law fellowship to recent law school graduates who are expected to sit for the July 2024 Florida Bar exam and be admitted to practice in the state […]

NACA Paid Summer Consumer Law Fellowship, Including for 1Ls

We received the following announcement: The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is pleased to announce its first annual Summer Consumer Law Fellowship Project. The Fellowship will pay a $5,000 stipend to at least five (5) students who spend the summer months working for a NACA member non-profit, legal-aid, or private consumer law firm on […]

NACA announces consumer law fellowship to help new law school grads break into consumer law practice

I think this is great. Here’s the announcement: The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is pleased to announce its first annual 2-year Consumer Law Fellowship. For the first fellowship we are offering, NACA is partnering with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA). The program is designed to encourage new law school graduates to pursue a […]

Open Letter to CopyCat Legal about a Prepared Food Photos Infringement Claim

An Alabama lawyer recently sought my help responding to your February 9, 2024 demand letter to Foggy Bottom Farms, complaining about alleged infringement of Prepared Food Photos’ copyright in a photo of vegetable. Over the past several years, I have seen many demand letters from your client based on that photo (for example, your client’s […]