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Quick updates on student-loan discharge cases

A few interesting updates concerning student-loan forgiveness or discharge care of Politico this morning: An Education Department judge plans to hold a hearing next week on DeVry University’s appeal of a $23 million penalty stemming from fraud-related loan discharges for its former students. Two for-profit education companies and a non-profit college are appealing a settlement, […]

Department of ED proposes plan for income-driven student-loan repayment

The Department of Education announced today a proposal to “to reduce the cost of federal student loan payments, especially for low and middle-income borrowers.” The Department says that the proposed regulations “would create the most affordable income-driven repayment (IDR) plan that has ever been made available to student loan borrowers, simplify the program, and eliminate […]

Study examines extent to which student loan borrowers eligible for PSLF benefit even before obtaining loan forgiveness

Daniel Collier, Assistant Professor of Adult and Higher Education, University of Memphis and Dan Fitzpatrick, Research and Assessment Specialist, University of Michigan, have written Jubilee and Jubilation: An Examination of the Relationship between Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Measures of Well-Being. Here is the abstract: A team of researchers at the University of Memphis and the […]

Raba Report: Co-Opting California Courts: How Private Creditors Have Turned the Judiciary Into a Predatory Student Debt Collection Machine

Claire Johnson Raba of Irvine has written Co-Opting California Courts: How Private Creditors Have Turned the Judiciary Into a Predatory Student Debt Collection Machine. Here is the abstract: In a report, Claire Johnson Raba, a SBPC fellow and clinical teaching fellow at the University of California Irvine School of Law’s Consumer Law Clinic, shows the […]

Bruckner & Ryan paper compares complaints about fintech and traditional student loan lenders & servicers

Matthew A. Bruckner of Howard and CJ Ryan of Louisville and the American Bar Foundation have written The Magic of Fintech? Insights for a Regulatory Agenda from Analyzing Student Loan Complaints Filed with the CFPB, Dickinson Law Review, Forthcoming 2022. Here’s the abstract: This paper looks at consumer complaints about student loan lenders and servicers […]

Hunt paper: The Failed Legal Case Against Student Debt Jubilee

John P. Hunt of UC-Davis has written The Failed Legal Case Against Student Debt Jubilee. Here is the abstract: This paper reviews and rebuts the arguments presented to date that the Executive lacks authority to engage in mass student loan cancellation. Legality skeptics have presented no compelling argument that the relevant statutory text, which authorizes the […]

CFP: Beyond Fresh Start: Fixing the Broken Student Loan Default and Collection System

We received the following Call for Papers: On April 6, 2022, in addition to announcing an extension of the federal student loan payment pause, the White House announced that the U.S. Department of Education is taking steps to  give a fresh start to millions of struggling borrowers who are currently in default on their federal […]