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Who Teaches Consumer Law reports on survey of consumer law professors

I wrote Who Teaches Consumer Law? forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer & Commercial Law. Here’s the abstract: This paper reports on a survey of 31 law professors teaching consumer protection law conducted in connection with the Center for Consumer Law & Economic Justice at the UC Berkeley School of Law and the Center for Consumer Law […]

Kesari paper on Right to Yelp laws

Aniket Kesari of Fordham has written ‘Right to Yelp Laws’ and the Reputational Sanctions Market? Here’s the abstract: How do statutes that protect consumers’ rights to write reviews shape the reputational sanctions market? In 2016, Congress passed the Consumer Review Fairness Act (CRFA), commonly championed as the “right to Yelp” law. The law makes contract provisions […]

Crootof paper on the legal consequences of repossessions by cars that autonomously drive back to the lender

Rebecca Crootof of Richmond Law and the Yale Information Society Project has written Remote Repossession, 73 DePaul Law Review, (forthcoming 2024). Here’s the abstract: Ford’s February 2023 patent application raises a new possibility: that after a default, an internet-connected vehicle might autonomously drive itself off of the owner’s premises—to a public space, to the repossession agency, […]

Call for Abstracts for the Consumer Law Scholars Conference

We received the following Call for Abstracts for the Consumer Law Scholars Conference, always an important event for consumer law scholars: We are pleased to announce the seventh annual Consumer Law Scholars Conference (CLSC), which will be held Thursday and Friday, March 6-7, 2025 at Boston University. Save the date! The purpose of the CLSC is to support in-progress scholarship, foster […]

Strahilevitz & Liu paper offers theory for Article III standing in data breach cases

Lior Strahilevitz of Chicago and Lisa Yao Liu of the Columbia Business School have written Cash Substitution and Deferred Consumption as Data Breach Harms. Here’s the abstract: Federal courts have long been divided over whether consumers whose data are breached suffer an “injury in fact” that gives them standing to sue under Article III of the […]

Call for submissions on the FDA

Here is the first part of the call for submissions: The Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) is pleased to solicit abstracts for the Food and Drug Law Journal 2024 Symposium, “From Past to Progress: Envisioning the Future of FDA Law and Regulation.” The Symposium will celebrate FDLI’s 75th Anniversary and its enduring contributions to the field […]

Caruso and Cox article on subscription contract regulation

Given the pervasiveness of subscription contracts, regulation of such contracts has become a much more important consumer protection topic. And here is an article that tells us how to do that: Kaitlin Ainsworth Caruso of Maine and Prentiss Cox of Minnesota’s Silence as Consumer Consent: Global Regulation of Negative Option Contracts, American University Law Review, […]

Tereszkiewicz article on auto warranty reimbursement and its effect on consumers

Piotr Tereszkiewicz of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow – Faculty of Law and Administration and KU Leuven – Faculty of Law has written Cruising Beyond Car Dealer Dominance, University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, Forthcoming. Here’s the abstract: The automotive industry plays a pivotal role in both the American economy and daily life. This Article contends […]

Raba and Jimenez’s important study on what happens when debt defendants have to pay to file answers

Claire Johnson Raba of Illinois-Chicago and California-Irvine and Dalié Jiménez of California- Irvine and Harvard’s Center on the Legal Profession have written Pay to Plead: Finding Unfairness and Abusive Practices in California Debt Collection Cases. Here’s the abstract: In this Article, we report on one of the largest studies of debt collection lawsuits ever attempted. We […]

Porat chapter on algorithmic personalized pricing

Recently someone texted me a picture of a product. When I pulled it up on the seller’s website, the displayed price was twice the price listed in the texted picture. And here’s a piece that may address that discrepancy: Haggai Porat of Harvard and the Tel Aviv University School of Economics has written Algorithmic Personalized […]