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Supreme Court holds that federal agencies can be held accountable under the FCRA

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously yesterday in favor of consumer interests in Department of Agriculture Rural Development Rural Housing Service v. Kirtz, a case argued by Public Citizen Litigation Group attorney Nandan Joshi. The case concerned the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which allows consumers to sue creditors for failing to correct inaccurate credit information that […]

Group “designs law to give big business ‘complete immunity for bad acts’”

The Guardian reports: “Opioid manufacturers and other major corporations are pushing legislation to strip away state laws that have been used to sue the pharmaceutical industry for hundreds of millions of dollars over the worst drug epidemic in US history. The influential rightwing pressure group the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec), which is funded by […]

Department of Energy release new energy efficiency standards for gas stoves

The Department of Energy yesterday “finalized congressionally-mandated energy efficiency standards for residential cooking products that will reduce household utility costs while improving appliance reliability and performance. These standards—which reflect a joint recommendation from a wide range of stakeholders, including the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, Consumer Federation of America, and energy efficiency advocates—will take effect […]

FDIC Consumer News

I just came across FDIC Consumer News — “the FDIC’s monthly newsletter to consumers, providing practical guidance on how to become a smarter, safer user of financial services, including helpful hints, quick tips, and common-sense strategies to protect and stretch your hard-earned dollars.” Recent articles include: Older Adults Helping Relatives Through Financial Support; Shopping for […]

CFPB proposes rules on fees for instantaneously declined transactions and on overdraft fees

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau yesterday proposed a rule to block banks and other financial institutions from charging non-sufficient funds fees on transactions declined at the time the consumer swipes, taps, or clicks — that is, transactions that the financial institution declines in real time. These types of transactions include declined debit card purchases and […]

“Verizon’s $100 million fee settlement is setback for mass arbitration critics”

At Reuters, reporter Alison Frankel has this story on a recent class-action settlement with Verizon. Verizon (as is typical of cellphone companies) requires customers to agree to arbitrate any disputes that may arise. The settlement avoids appellate review of Verizon’s effort to limit arbitrations to batches of 10 at a time, which, in situations where […]

FTC reports on to Congress on the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

The Federal Trade Commission today issued its biennial report to Congress on the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry. According to the report, more than 249 million consumers have placed their telephone numbers on the Registry over the past two year. The report also notes that the FTC has received more than two million Do […]

CFPB reports on borrowers’ experiences after resumption of student-loan payments

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has published a report on student-loan servicing practices since the resumption of federal student loan repayments in the fall, after a three-year payment pause in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The CFPB report finds that borrowers are “encountering long hold times when trying to reach their student loan servicer, experiencing […]

Public Citizen mourns the passing of Dr. Sidney Wolfe

Dr. Sidney Wolfe, the founder of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group and a unique figure in advancing public health, died yesterday. Since founding the Health Research Group in 1971 as part of Ralph Nader’s new nonprofit Public Citizen, Sid applied research-based advocacy to get dangerous drugs and devices off the market, win new protections for […]