CFPB Report Finds “Higher Price Complexity Leads Consumers to Pay More”

This looks like important research bearing on the issue of junk fees, among other things. From the Bureau’s newsroom: Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a new report that suggests consumers tend to pay more for products that have more complex pricing structures. The report is based on experiments with multiple rounds of […]

FCC fines the wireless carriers for illegally sharing customers’ location information

The Federal Communications Commission announced yesterday that it fined the nation’s largest wireless carriers for illegally sharing access to customers’ location information without consent and without taking reasonable measures to protect that information against unauthorized disclosure. Sprint and T-Mobile – which have merged since the investigation began – face fines of more than $12 million […]

Does WalMart Think Its Customers Would Confuse It With the Devil?

It’s been years since I have had to litigate the issue of whether the inclusion of a trademark in the domain name for a web site about the trademark holder has Lanham Act ramifications. I rather thought that issue was settled by such cases as Lamparello and Bosley. The final nail in the coffin was […]

FTC’s updated Health Breach Notification Rule covers app developers

The Federal Trade Commission just updated its Health Breach Notification Rule to revise definitions and clarify its coverage to include developers of health mobile apps and other technology. The rule, which requires vendors to notify affected consumers and the FTC following a data breach affecting personal health records, also requires additional information in notices to […]

Second Circuit Upholds NY Affordable Broadband Act

In 2021, New York enacted the Affordable Broadband Act (ABA), which requires internet service providers to offer broadband internet to low-income New Yorkers at reduced prices. Providers sued, arguing that the law was both field preempted by the Communications Act of 1934 (as amended by the Telecommunications Act of 1996), and conflict preempted by the […]

DOT Releases Airline Refund and Transparency Rules

Today, the Department of Transportation published on its website a final rule regarding airline refunds, requiring (1) automatic (cash) refunds when flights are cancelled or significantly changed and customers do not accept alternatives offered, (2) refunds of checked bag fees for significantly delayed bags, (3) refunds for ancillary services fees (seating, etc.) that are paid […]

Neil Sobol article: Consumer Law for Gen Z Law Students

Neil L. Sobol of Texas A&M has written Consumer Law for Gen Z Law Students, 66 Arizona Law Review (2024). Here’s the abstract: Whether they are consumers, representing consumers, or advising clients dealing with consumers, law school graduates will inevitably confront numerous consumer law issues. Moreover, most students entering law school are members of Generation Z and […]

Meshel & Yahya empirical study of how lower courts rule on arbitration motions

Tamar Meshel and Moin A. Yahya both of the University of Alberta – Faculty of Law, have written The Gatekeepers of the Federal Arbitration Act: An Empirical Analysis of the FAA in the ‎Lower Courts, forthcoming in the Mississippi Law Journal.  Here’s the abstract: This article presents the results of the first comprehensive empirical study of motions […]

Kolt paper on AI agents, something consumers might use

Noam Kolt of the University of Toronto has written Governing AI Agents. Here is the abstract: While language models and generative AI have taken the world by storm, a more transformative technology is already being developed: “AI agents” — AI systems that can autonomously plan and execute complex tasks with only limited human oversight. Companies […]

NACA extends application deadline for entry-level consumer law fellowship until June 1

Here’s the announcement (original available here): NACA Consumer Law Fellowship Program with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is offering a 2-year consumer law fellowship to recent law school graduates who are expected to sit for the July 2024 Florida Bar exam and be admitted to practice in the state […]