NY’s Legal Aid Society sues mayor to enforce new housing protections

Noteworthy news from this week: the Legal Aid Society in New York City sued the city and its mayor to force them to implement new laws that expand eviction protections for residents vulnerable to homelessness.

The Legal Aid Society filed a class action on behalf of New Yorkers eligible for a new program that provides local housing vouchers. Last year, New York’s city council successfully voted to override Mayor Eric Adams’ veto of the new law. The law ushering in expanded rental protections became effective on January 9.

The filed complaint noted the rapid increase in evictions following the eviction moratorium put into effect during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as soaring rent levels and a surge in homeless people in the city.

From LAS’s press release: “One of the clients in the suit is Mary Cronneit, who is 86 years old and has lived in her rent-stabilized home for over 22 years. Mrs. Cronneit’s husband passed away during the COVID-19 outbreak, and as a result, she lost her previous rent subsidy. Ms. Cronneit does not have any income. Her family members assist her in various ways but are unable to pay the monthly rent. In 2021, Ms. Cronneit’s landlord began an eviction proceeding. Ms. Cronneit does not qualify for CityFHEPS given the City’s narrow criteria, and will be evicted and enter the homeless system. Her family does not have room to house her.”

Legal aid. Heroes.

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