Is Prepared Food Photos Running a Scam, Not Just a Scheme to Extract Excessive Rents?

Last spring, I posted two articles about a new force among the corps of copyright trolls – a law firm calling itself CopyCat Legal, representing a copyright holder that we had challenged before, now calling itself Prepared Food Photos, Inc. (“PFP”).  When I last wrote about these two, I called their monetary claims outlandish. But […]

Report finds large banks charge higher credit-card interest rates than small banks

A Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report on the first set of results from its newly updated Terms of Credit Card Plans survey reveals that large banks are offering worse credit card terms and interest rates than small banks and credit unions, regardless of credit risk. In fact, the 25 largest credit card issuers charged customers […]

FTC alleges that H&R Block steers consumers’ to unneeded products and deceptively markets “free” online filing

The Federal Trade Commission is taking action against H&R Block, alleging that the tax preparation company unfairly deletes consumers’ tax data and requires them to contact customer service when they downgrade to more affordable online products, and that it has deceptively markets its products as “free” when they were not free for many consumers. The […]

Sunglass settlement scuttled for lack of standing to seek injunctive relief

Plaintiffs filed  class actions against Costa, a sunglasses manufacturer, for charging them over $100 to repair sunglasses that had been covered by lifetime warranties. The cases were consolidated, and an amended complaint requested both monetary damages and injunctive relief. The parties reached a settlement, agreeing on payments in the form of product vouchers and injunctive […]

Fairness of online retail platforms’ recommendations

Last fall, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint alleging that Amazon Marketplace unfairly highlights its own products on its website to encourage consumers to select the Amazon brand over competitors’ products. The Regulatory Review reports today on a study that questions that conclusion. The study’s authors explain how evaluating the fairness of product placement […]

FTC Challenges Kroger/Albertson’s Deal

The supermarket industry has been subject to substantial consolidation over the past few decades, with many regional chains being bought up by one of a handful of large conglomerates. In October 2022, Kroger– which owns chains around the country including Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Harris Teeter, Mariano’s, and Ralph’s– announced plans to buy Albertson’s–whose chains include […]

Protecting Blogger Anonymity in New York

In the twenty-three years since the New Jersey Appellate Division issued its seminal decision in Dendrite International v. Doe, appellate courts in most adjoining and nearby  states — Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland — have adopted at least most of the major features of the Dendrite standard.  But New York has been the outlier — no […]

California court upholds $21 million penalty against for-profit college

The California Attorney General brought claims against for-profit online college Ashford University and its parent company for violating the state’s unfair competition and false advertising laws by making false and misleading statements to prospective students. The trial court agreed with the AG, and imposed over $22 miillion in civil penalties. Yesterday, an intermediate appellate court […]