Morgan Stanley Sued Over Racially Discriminatory Home Lending Policies in Detroit

As described in this article by Emily Badger: In the years leading up to the housing crash, public data suggest that black would-be homeowners in Detroit were 70 percent more likely than white borrowers to receive a risky subprime loan from the now-defunct lender New Century Mortgage Company. This is the central statistic embedded in […]

Posner on Wealth, Luck, and Taxing the Rich

Read about it here. Check out this excerpt: The economic significance of the disagreement [between conservatives and liberals about the role of luck in financial success] has mainly to do with taxation. Taxing success that is attributable to pure luck does not have disincentive effects, and so is a cheap away of financing government. Taxing […]

Jenzabar’s Trademark Appeal Is Denied

by Paul Alan Levy In a decision issued this morning, the Massachusetts Appeals Court affirmed the dismissal of the trademark claims brought by Massachusetts software company Jenzabar against documentary filmmaker Long Bow Group, claiming that the use of the name “Jenzabar” in the keyword meta tag and the title tag for a web page about […]

Phoenix NAP’s Response to Kasim Reed Shows Its Unreliability as a Data Center

by Paul Alan Levy The recent response by PhoenixNAP to a takedown demand from Kasim Reed, the mayor of Atlanta Georgia, showed its Internet customers that it cannot be counted on to stand up for their rights.   Reed was unhappy that Lipstick Alley, a gossip site with particular traction among African-American women, carried an exchange […]

The Constitutionality of the Contraception Coverage Mandate in the Affordable Care Act

The contraception coverage mandate in the Affordable Care Act is important to many consumers. Some of the mandate's opponents claim that it violates the First Amendment's Religion Clauses. This article by Brigham Young University law professor Frederick Gedicks concludes that the mandate is constitutional.

Does Taxing Unhealthy (In This Case, Fatty) Foods Improve Health?

This short piece in the British Medical Journal, focusing on a fatty-food tax in Denmark, says that the evidence is equivocal. One problem is that consumers may respond to a fatty-food tax by substituting cheaper (but still fatty) foods for more expensive fatty foods. Another problem, believe it or not, is that consumers may buy […]

HufPo Report: Suit Charges Debt Collector Told Disabled Vet He Should Have Died

Here.  An excerpt from what the collector supposedly said: "F— you! Pay us your money! You can't afford an attorney. You owe us. I hope your wife divorces your a–. If you would have served our country better you would not be a disabled veteran living off social security while the rest of us honest […]