CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR PAPERS: 25 Years of the International Association of Consumer Law

We received the following announcement:

Consumer Protection and Economic Development

July 16th to July 19th, 2017; Porto Alegre (UFRGS), Brazil

The Conference celebrating the 25th year of IACL will begin an Opening Session with its Founders, on the Sunday of July 16th, 2017, from 5PM to 8PM, and a Welcome Cocktail. The Conference will run from Monday, July 17th, until Wednesday, July 19th, 2017, from 09am to 06pm. The main purpose of this Conference is to provide a forum where leading international scholars, practitioners, representatives of the consumer organization, public authorities and business representatives can join to present and discuss together the fundaments, the challenges and the future of consumer protection worldwide.

For additional information, please visit the conference website at:

We kindly invite participants from all around the world to submit an abstract (max. 500 words, until November 15th, 2016) of a paper they would like to present during the conference addressing one of its three themes:

  1. Roots and fundamentals of the consumer law and policy(vulnerability, mass society and social development, competition and fairness on the market, bargaining powers, lawmaking, transparency on standard contracts, civil society and their role, individual and collective implementation of consumer law; private/public enforcement of consumer law, history, evolution and scientific bases of consumer law and policy; dialogue of consumer law with other disciplines: economy, psychology, sociology, political and ethical studies, anthropology, empirical and critical studies etc.).
  2. Contemporary Challenges of the consumer protection(codification and pluralism of legal sources, consumer notion, vulnerable and disadvantage consumers, notion of products and services in a digital society, E-commerce, e-money and Internet of Things, Sharing Economy, behavioral economics perspective, Network, time life and relational contracts, access to justice and effective consumer collective and individual redress, collective action, consumer ADR and ODR, problems of arbitration, disappearing of class actions, warranties, product safety, advertising, unfair commercial practices, consumer harassment, consumer credit, over-indebtedness and bankruptcy, insurance, tourism, entertainment).
  3. Future – Towards International and Sustainable Consumer Law(national, regional and international consumer protection, Double Standard, cross-border enforcement, international tourism, international e-commerce, international regulation and new fora and institutional machinery, Revision of the UNGCP, Second hand Circular Economy, Brand and Gatekeepers Liability, Sustainable Consumption, Plan Obsolescence, Digital products and intellectual property, privacy and personal data protection).

Please mail abstracts to: (HT: Kathleen C. Engel)

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