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What Vast Experience? Heritage Foundation Report: FTC Should Absorb CFPB Powers, Citing FTC’s Supposed “vast regulatory experience in . . . consumer financial markets”

by Jeff Sovern Here.  Here's something they say about transferring the Bureau's authority to the FTC:  Transferring all federal consumer protection authority to the Federal Trade Commission, the agency with vast regulatory experience in assessing practices affecting consumer financial services markets, would dramatically improve the federal regulatory framework for consumer financial protection. Maybe Heritage should have paid […]

More on the FTC: Politics and History

The WSJ recently published Companies Seek to Sway Trump Administration on FTC Choice (behind pay wall) about who the next FTC chair will be.  Google's rivals want Utah AG Sean Reyes, while acting chair Maureen Ohlhausen remains a possibility. Commissioner Ohlhausen is seen as more accommodating to Google  because of an earlier antitrust decision in which she […]

Times Report on How Auto Lenders Track Borrowers’ Locations

Here.  Excerpt: They can figure out when you leave town and see where you parked your car. They can see how many times you went to the grocery store or the health clinic. Auto loans to Americans with poor credit have been booming, and many finance companies, credit unions and auto dealers are using technologies […]

What the Vizio Case May Portend About FTC Privacy Enforcement

by Jeff Sovern The FTC, New Jersey AG's Office, and Vizio have agreed to a court order under which Vizio will pay 2.2 million to settle charges that Vizio recorded and sold information about the viewing practices of consumers watching Vizio TVs without obtaining consumers' consent and without their knowledge.  You can read Leslie Fair's […]

CNN: Trump pledges to ‘do a big number’ on Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform

by Jeff Sovern Here.  Trump criticized Dodd-Frank on the campaign trail, but as far as I know still hasn't said very much about which aspects of the statute he would change.  Consequently, it remains unclear what his views of the CFPB are. While he complained about the difficulties small business have in getting loans from […]

NY Times: How to Buy a Used Car in an Age of Widespread Recalls

Here. Excerpt: [L]ast month the Federal Trade Commission made it easier for cars to be billed as “certified,” even if they were under recall and hadn’t been fixed yet. * * * Buyers who wonder how safe it is to drive with a recalled Takata airbag and check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website […]

The Atlantic on How the GOP Plans to Block Regulations, Including Consumer Protection Regs

by Jeff Sovern The article is called The Quiet GOP Campaign Against Government Regulation.  The whole piece is worth reading, but here's an excerpt: The shorter and easier-to-read of the two bills is called the “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2017,” or REINS Act, which passed the House in early […]

FTC Chair Edith Ramirez Announces Departure, Leaving Three Seats Vacant

WaPo has the story here. excerpt: Ramirez's impending departure from the FTC is likely to leave the agency shorthanded with three vacancies on the five-member panel. With one Republican and one Democrat remaining, the FTC will likely be deadlocked in a partisan tie until the Trump administration can fill the other vacancies, which could take months. […]