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Update: WSJ reports Biden to designate Lina Khan to chair FTC

Here (may be behind paywall). As we reported earlier, the Senate confirmed Professor Khan to be an FTC commissioner earlier today. Now that the FTC will have two democratic commissioners, besides Rohit Chopra, the expectation is that the Senate will proceed to vote on Chopra's confirmation to be the CFPB director.  

Cox & Peterson Article: Public Compensation for Public Enforcement

Prentiss Cox of Minnesota and Christopher Lewis Peterson of Utah have written Public Compensation for Public Enforcement, 39 Yale Journal on Regulation (2022). Here's the abstract: Public enforcement actions frequently result in the distribution of money to people affected by violation of market protection laws. This “public compensation” returns billions of dollars to consumers, investors, and […]

McDonald & Rojc Survey Auto Financing Legal Developments

Kevin M. McDonald of VW Credit, Inc. and Washington University School of Law and Kenneth Rojc of Nisen & Elliott, LLC have written Auto Finance Regulators Not Falling Asleep at the Wheel., 76 BUS. LAW. 705 (2021). Here is the abstract: This is the annual survey of major legal and regulatory developments affecting the automobile […]

Are we going to see UDAAP statutes used against discrimination? The Student Borower Protection Center hopes so

The SBPC issued a report, DISCRIMINATION IS "UNFAIR": Interpreting UDA(A)P to Prohibit Discrimination. Here's the Executive Summary: This Article explores a theory that discrimination is a type of “unfair” practice covered by federal and state laws prohibiting unfair, deceptive (and sometimes abusive) acts and practices (“UDA(A)Ps”). An “unfair” practice is defined by statute as something […]

FTC Commissioner and CFPB Director-Nominee Rohit Chopra Discussing the FTC’s Remedial Authority

by Jeff Sovern If you are curious to learn more about FTC Commissioner and CFPB Director-Nominee Rohit Chopra, here is a video of him discussing the FTC's remedial authority a couple days before the Supreme Court heard oral argument earlier this month in AMG v. FTC. The event was hosted by (

WSJ: Biden to nominate FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra to be CFPB Director

by Jeff Sovern Report here (may be behind a paywall). FTC bio here. My first reaction is that he's an excellent choice. UPDATE: Blog co-founder and prominent Supreme Court consumer advocate Deepak Gupta on the choice: "This is a home run. There's nobody better than Rohit to take the helm of the CFPB at this […]

FTC Commissioner Chopra & Samuel Levine: why the FTC should resurrect its penalty offense authority

FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra and his attorney-advisor Samuel A.A. Levine have wiritten The Case for Resurrecting the FTC Act’s Penalty Offense Authority. Here is the abstract: This article details why the Federal Trade Commission should resurrect one of the key authorities it abandoned in the 1980s: Section 5(m)(1)(B) of the FTC Act, the Penalty Offense […]