Anne Fleming: Consumer rights are worthless without enforcement

In The Conversation. Excerpt:

Compared with 1962, when President Kennedy put consumer concerns on the national agenda, ordinary Americans now have far more robust rights to safety, to information, to choice and to a fair hearing.

But consumer rights do not enforce themselves. Public enforcement requires funding and willing leaders. Private enforcement requires legal devices that allow consumers to pay attorneys for their work.

Without an ongoing commitment to enforcement, consumer rights may become paper tigers, offering the appearance of protection without any teeth.

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  1. Edwin Bell says:

    Consumers in Maryland face the same kind of non compliance that other jurisdictions have experienced. I had a personal experience with the Maryland DLLR division for consumer complaints. I had clear and convincing evidence that a third party “Junk Debt Buyer” not only used fraud to file over 1000 illegal cases but was also unlicensed by the Maryland DLLR. Unfortunately the agency responsible for unholding the law actually went out of their way to cover-up the violators illicit activities. Maryland has an array of consumer laws in place to punish illegal or unlicensed third party collections for violations of law but it’s very misleading. The state presents itself as consumer friendly and pretends to implement strict rules and regulations but it is just a front for agencies and Courts that either end up being nonresponsive to consumers when reporting serious offenses or they will violate every law available to consumers to cover-up illegal debt collectors abusive & threatening crimes.
    The problem in Maryland is just more proof of a society that is failing to uphold laws passed by state legislatures. Our justice system has now become a two tiered system of injustice for consumers and obvious corruption in favor or corporations who are committing serious felony crimes using Maryland Circuit Court to oppress people using fraud. All of these violations of law enforcement will lead states like Maryland into a future position of lawlessness through their lack of responsiveness to existing laws violated to aid and abet criminal syndicates. Maryland is already stricken with a reputation as being one of the worst states for the use of fraud filings in civil courts and corruption involving Judges and politicians. If America continues down this path of obstruction of justice orchestrated by public agencies required to carry out their duties and Courts continue engaging in corruption openly and notoriously, our nation will crumble under its own weight of greed and or self enrichment.

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