Times Headline on Acting Head of OCC: Lawyer Is Now Regulating Banking Industry He Spent His Career Protecting

Here. Excerpt:

[L]ast week’s appointment of the lawyer, Keith A. Noreika, to run the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is unusual because it does not require him to sign the ethics pledge that President Trump is forcing on other appointees. * * *

[T]he White House used an administrative quirk to appoint Mr. Noreika to the job on an acting basis as a “special government employee,” who is expected to work at the agency for no more than 130 days, rather than through a Senate confirmation, an unusual move for the agency. * * *

Citing potential conflicts of interest, seven of the 11 Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee submitted a letter on Thursday to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, raising concerns about Mr. Noreika’s client list and pressing for clarity on his recusal plans. The letter, also questioning whether Mr. Mnuchin’s appointment of Mr. Noreika was “circumventing” the confirmation process and avoiding certain ethics requirements, called the episode an “apparent political power grab.”

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