MarketWatch: The student loan system is so complicated even the experts have trouble figuring it out

Here.  Depressing excerpt:

As director of the National Consumer Law Center’s Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project, Persis Yu spends her days doing pretty much exactly what her title implies — working on behalf of low-income student loan borrowers both helping them with their individual cases and advocating for laws and policies that would benefit them.

But for about six months last year, Yu found herself in a strange position: Advocating for herself as she worked to manage her own student loans.

Yu faced delays of several months as she tried to switch from one program that allowed her to pay her loans according to her income to a different income-driven plan. For a short period, her loans actually flipped into delinquency * * *

Yu knows all of the finer points of student loan law and has had the ear of some of the country’s top policy makers on this issue, and yet she still had trouble getting the system to work for her. What’s more, she’s not alone; MarketWatch spoke to half a dozen student loan advocates and policy experts about the challenges they’ve faced navigating the loan repayment process. And if even they are struggling, where does that leave the rest of us?

“If the people who are literally in the room writing the regulations can’t get it to work for them, how can a borrower, who is just trying to wade through the myriad of options?” Yu said.

The article reports other painful stories.

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