The CFPB’s guides to money management

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has published consumer guides for managing money particularly aimed at helping newcomers to the U.S. Here's what the CFPB says about the guides, along with links to the guides themselves:

Beneficiary. Collateral. Debit. Fair market value. These terms might look familiar, but what do they really mean? Now imagine how confusing financial language might sound if you didn’t grow up speaking English. According to recent studies, people with limited English proficiency may be more likely to fall prey to frauds and schemes, and it can be harder to manage money on a day-to-day basis. That’s why we’ve developed the Newcomer’s Guides to Managing Money to provide recent immigrants with straightforward information about basic money decisions.

Each guide features short tips to help new immigrants, and people who may be new to the U.S. banking system, avoid financial pitfalls. The guides also include information on how to submit a complaint if you’re having a problem with a financial product or service.

You can download, post, and share the Web-ready versions of the guides in English and Spanish (more languages coming) or order printed copies.


Ways to receive your money

Have you received a paycheck but aren’t sure whether to cash it or put it into a bank account? This guide provides information about receiving wages or payments. You can use this guide to compare the benefits and risks of getting paid in cash, with a check, by direct deposit, or on a card. [English | Español]


Checklist for opening an account

If you’re interested in opening a bank or credit union account, you can use this guide and checklist to make sure you have the required paperwork before opening your account. [English |Español]


Ways to pay your bills

Are you trying to decide whether to pay your rent by check or credit card? Take a look at this guide to compare the benefits and risks of paying regular and one-time bills by check or money order, by direct debit, online, or in cash. [English | Español]


Selecting financial products and services

If you’re trying to decide which financial services are right for you, this guide provides information about common transactions, including ATM cash withdrawals and debit card purchases.
[English | Español]

These guides are part of our commitment to provide people who may be new to the U.S. banking system, including people with limited English proficiency, the information they need to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families.

We’re also connecting with consumers who use a language other than English by explaining consumer protections and introducing them to our complaint system. Check out more materials available in other languages as well as our website in Spanish.

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