Speaking of wealth inequality . . .

The Economic Policy Institute has issued a report that looks at trends in chief executive officer (CEO) compensation. It looked at stock options realized, plus salary, bonuses, restricted stock grants, and long-term incentive payouts. It found:

In 2017 the average CEO of the 350 largest firms in the U.S. received $18.9 million in compensation, a 17.6 percent increase over 2016. The typical worker’s compensation remained flat, rising a mere 0.3 percent. The 2017 CEO-to-worker compensation ratio of 312-to-1 was far greater than the 20-to-1 ratio in 1965 and more than five times greater than the 58-to-1 ratio in 1989 (although it was lower than the peak ratio of 344-to-1, reached in 2000).

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  1. Edwin Bell says:

    In the 1980’s securitization began and the United States became a country where only materialism, greed, and self-gain were important to most people. We are living in a time where insincerity and propaganda control all aspects of our lives. America is a mature economy with an astounding amount of Government debt that will lead us to far worse economic times in the near future. The CEO greed ratio is only a response to a sinking ship where everyone grabs everything…before it’s too late.

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