De Geest Book Argues Marketing Causes Inequality

Gerrit De Geest of Washington University in St. Louis has written Rents: How Marketing Causes Inequality. Chapter One is available here.  Here is the abstract:

This working paper contains the introduction and first chapter of a forthcoming book on the relationship between marketing and inequality. I argue that the dramatic rise of income inequality since 1970 has largely been caused by advances in marketing. Marketers have become better at creating and exploiting market distortions in legal ways. The legal system, in principle, prevents the deliberate creation of market failures, but it has not evolved at the same speed. Business schools have outsmarted law schools. This chapter offers an introduction to a new, general theory of marketing. Although marketing is meant to improve markets by bringing products to the right customers, it often does the opposite—creating “value” to businesses by making prices less transparent, splitting informed and uninformed consumers, making products incomparable, locking in consumers, exploiting psychological biases, creating network externality effects, or preventing price wars. Over the time span 1970–2015, the impact of marketing on the economy has steadily increased. Few markets have not been turned into less competitive ones by marketers, trained at modern business schools. This has significantly increased the amount of artificial profits (“rents”) in the economy.

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