“Law School Student Debt the Betsy DeVos Way”

That's the name of this article by Steven Harper (subscription possibly required). Harper begins by telling us that his concerns over [Secretary of Education Betsy] DeVos's willingness to deal effectively with student-loan policy "goes far beyond the embarrassing ignorance on display at DeVos’ confirmation hearing. . . . She knows nothing about basic educational policy, the decades-old Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, fraud by for-profit colleges and graduate schools exploiting students, or any other subject about which an aspiring secretary of education should have [had] at least some rudimentary knowledge." Harper then goes on to explain that two of DeVos's advisors may not have student-loan borrowers' interests at heart. Before joining forces with DeVos, one advisor was a lobbyist for the country's largest trade group for for-profit colleges. That trade group — the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities — sought "to eliminate the government’s 'gainful employment' rule, which can cost a school federal funding if too many of its recent graduates fail to repay their student loans." The other advisor was a "top lawyer" for a for-profit college called Bridgepoint Education, which "faces multiple government investigations, including one that ended in a $30 million settlement with the federal Consumer Finance Protection Bureau over deceptive student lending."


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