Do consumers have refund rights against gyms that have closed because of the coronavirus?

Guest Post by Dee Pridgen:

Consumers who have ongoing memberships at gym or fitness centers may wonder what their rights are when these facilities are shut down by government order during the corona virus pandemic.  While these clubs have contracts with provisions that probably favor the provider, there are some things consumers can do.  Some fitness chains have been willing to negotiate or to offer across the board membership freezes with credits tacked on to the end of the contract to make up for closed periods.  If that doesn’t work, consumers may need to stop payments and try to resist being charged for services not provided.  Some states, such as New York, do have some provisions for consumers to cancel the contract and get a refund if the club cannot provide the promised services.  The past due membership fees could be sent to a debt collector, but consumers should contest charges for non-service, and also contact the state attorney general consumer protection division.  For more, go here and here.   

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