An Appreciation for Sid Wolfe – Ave Sed Non Vale

Allison has already noted that Sid Wolfe has relinquished his position as Director of Public Citizen Health Research Group in favor of Michael Carome, but I want to add my personal appreciation of his willingness to step aside after so many years of leadership. 

Organizations that hope to renew themselves depend on leaders who both recruit top-notch staff and, eventually, step aside so that others may lead in their turn.  They thus avoid the ossification that can result from one person staying in charge too long, and the crisis that could confront the organization if the leadership has to change too precipitously.   First Alan Morrison, then Joan Claybrook, and now Sid Wolfe — the founding generation of leadership at Public Citizen — have done the organization a good turn by stepping aside one by one.

Sid has long said that the Health Research Group would be the last job he ever held; he is proving that by continuing to work as a staff member at HRG.  I myself have found being a staff member here at Public Citizen to be a dream job; indeed, I am grateful that so many colleagues have been willing to direct the Litigation Group so that I can keep doing that job.

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