Which Law Schools Are Teaching Consumer Law This Year?

by Jeff Sovern

In preparation for remarks at the University of Houston's  Teaching Consumer Law Conference, to be held this year in Santa Fe in May, I asked my research assistant, Preston Postlethwaite, to review the web sites of the ABA-accredited schools to see which are teaching consumer law courses this school year.  According to Preston, 49 schools offer a consumer law course or a consumer law clinic or both this year.  Many more schools list a consumer law class among their courses but are not providing it this year.  Because the data are based on school web sites, and such web sites are sometimes not updated timely or may not be accessible, the information is probably not completely correct.  Accordingly, I've pasted in the data below the fold.  If you know of a law school's information that is not correctly reported below, please so state in the comments.  Preston's data also indicate who is teaching the various courses and whether they are full- or part-time where that information is available. Please indicate any errors or omissions in that information as well. I'm disappointed to see that three-quarters of the ABA-approved law schools don't offer the course, especially since Brian Leiter's poll found that consumer law was the top choice for subjects that receive less attention in law schools than is deserved.  Thanks!



  School Consumer Protection Course Offered in 13-14 Name of Course Professor Name Adjunct or Full Time Clinic Professor Name/Status Link Clinic Link Other Additional Relevant Links
  Akron None                
  Alabama Yes Consumer Protection Law Maurice Sheven Adjunct          
  Albany Yes, but unclear if offered 13/14              
  American University Yes, but not offered 13/14 Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer  Protection          
  Appalachian School of Law None                
  Arizona None                
  Arizona State None                
  Arizona Summit Law School None                
  Arkansas None                
  Arkansas – Little Rock Yes, clinic       Consumer Protection Clinic Amy Pritchard, Adjunct      
  Atlanta's John Marshall Law School Yes, not offered in 2014, unclear as to offered in 2013 Consumer Law              
  Ave Maria School of Law Unable to determine                
  Baltimore Yes, but unclear if offered 13/14              
  Barry University None                
  Baylor Yes Consumer Protection David G. Tekell Adjunct          
  Berkeley Yes Consumer Protection Law Ted Mermim Adjunct None   http://www.law.berkeley.edu/php-programs/courses/courseSearchResults.php?termCode=D&termYear=2013&key=&instructorSearch=&categoryfield=&courseTitleSearch=&courseNumSearch=&descriptionfield=&unitfield=&start_time_open=&start_time_open_am=AM&start_time_close=&start_time_close_am=AM&end_time_open=&end_time_open_am=AM&end_time_close=&end_time_close_am=AM&Search.x=38&Search.y=1
  Boston College Yes Consumer Law Glenn Kaplan Adjunct          
  Boston University Yes Consumer Law Mark Pettit, Jr. Full Time          
  Brooklyn Yes and Clinic (though not totally certain offered 13-14,  website is unclear) Consumer Protection Law Winnie Taylor Full Time New York Civil Court Consumer Law Externship Sidney Cherubin, Adjunct      
  BYU None                
  California Western School of Law None                
  Campbell None                
  Capital University Yes, but not offered 13/14 Unfair Trade Practices             
  Cardozo (Yeshiva) Yes, clinic       Consumer Rights Protection Field Clinic    (Consumer Debt Protection) Unclear      
  Case Western Reserve None                
  Catholic University Yes, clinic       Consumer Protection Project Paul Kurth, Adjunct      
  Chapman None                
  Charleston School of Law None                
  Charlotte School of Law None                
  Chicago Yes Consumer Law Omri Ben-Shahar Full Time None   http://www.law.uchicago.edu/courses    
  Cincinatti None                
  Cleveland State University None                
  Colorado-Boulder Yes Consumer Empowerment Amy Schmitz Full Time          
  Columbia None X     None   http://web.law.columbia.edu/courses/search  
  Cornell None x     None   http://support.law.cornell.edu/students/forms/current_Course_Descriptions.pdf
  Creighton University None                
  CUNY None                
  Dayton Law School None                
  Denver None                
  Depaul Yes Consumer Protection Wayne K. Lewis Full Time          
  Drake Yes, but consumer protection not offered 13/14 Consumer Protection/ Consumer Law Internship Cathy Mansfield Full Time          
  Drexel  None                
  Duke None x     None   https://law.duke.edu/curriculum/courseinfo/course?id=13  
  Elon University Yes, but not offered 13/14 Consumer Protection              
  Emory None                
  Faulkner University (Jones) None                
  Florida A&M University Yes, but not offered 13/14 Consumer Law              
  Florida Coastal School of Law Yes, and clinic, but neither offered 13/14 Consumer Transactions   Consumer Law Clinic      
  Florida International None                
  Fordham Yes, clinic       Consumer Litigation Clinic Fieldwork/Seminar Marcella Silverman, Full Time      
  FSU Yes Consumer Law Elwin J. Griffith Full Time          
  George Mason None                
  George Washington Yes Consumer Protection Law Lesley Fair Adjunct          
  Georgetown None x     None   http://apps.law.georgetown.edu/curriculum/tab_courses.cfm?Status=Course&Detail=1835 http://apps.law.georgetown.edu/curriculum/tab_courses.cfm?Status=Course&Detail=2042
  Georgia Yes Consumer Law Not specified Not specified        
  Georgia State Yes Consumer Protection Mark Budnitz Full Time          
  Golden Gate University Yes, clinic       Consumer Rights Clinic Marie Noel Appel/ Adjunct      
  Gonzaga Yes, but in Summer 2014 Consumer Law David K. DeWolf Full Time          
  Hamline Yes, but not offered Spring 14 (Fall 13 not accessible) Consumer Transactions            
  Harvard Yes Consumer Contracts, Consumer Law, Consumer Law: Educational  Institutions and Student Debt Lauren Willis; Lauren Willis; Max Weinstein Visiting; Visiting; Visiting Predatory Lending and  Consumer Protection Clinic http://www.law.harvard.edu/academics/curriculum/catalog/index.html http://www.law.harvard.edu/academics/curriculum/catalog/index.html?type=Clinic&keywords=consumer&year=2013-2014
  Hawaii None                
  Hofstra Yes Consumer Transactions Norman I. Silber Full Time          
  Houston Yes and clinic Texas Consumer Law Jim Hawkins Full Time Consumer Law Clinic Richard McElvaney, Full Time      
  Howard Yes, but not offered 13/14                
  Idaho Yes,    but not offered in 14, unclear if offered Fall 13            
  Illinois Institute of Technology Unclear                
  Indiana – Bloomington None                
  Indiana – Indianapolis Yes Consumer Law James P. Nehf Full Time          
  Inter-American University Unverifiable                
  Iowa Yes Payment Law: Negotiable Instruments & Electronic Payment  Systems Jonathan C. Carlson Full Time          
  Kansas Yes Consumer Law Stephen J. Ware Full Time          
  Kentucky Not in Spring 14, but cannot access  Fall 13              
  La. State University None                
  Lewis and Clark Yes Consumer Law Richard Slottee Full Time          
  Liberty University None                
  Louisville Requires Access                
  Loyola Chicago Yes Consumer Law Theresa A. Amato Adjunct          
  Loyola Marymount Yes, but not offered 13/14                
  Loyola University New Orleans None                
  Maine Yes, but not offered in 14, unclear  if offered Fall 13              
  Marquette None                
  Maryland Yes, clinic       Consumer Protection Clinic Peter Holland; Full Time, Leigh  Maddox; Full Time (Clinic)    
  Mercer University None                
  Miami Yes, but not offered 13/14                
  Michigan None x     None        
  Michigan State Yes Consumer Law Joshua Ard Adjunct          
  Minnesota Yes, clinic x     Yes, Consumer Protection Clinic Prentiss Cox, Full Time   http://www.law.umn.edu/current/alphabetical-course-list/details.html?courseNumber=7030
  Mississippi None                
  Mississippi College Yes, but unable to determine if offered 13/14 Consumer Law              
  Missouri None                
  Montana Yes, but unable to access 13/14 class schedule Consumer Transactions            
  Nebraska-Lincol None                
  Nevada – Las Vegas None                
  New England Law Boston Yes, but not offered sprign 13, fall 13 not clear Consumer Protection              
  New Hampshire Yes, and clinic Consumer and Commercial Law Class Peter S. Wright Full Time Consumer and Commerical Law Clinic; Advanced Consumer and  Commercial Law Clinic Peter S. Wright, Full Time      
  New Mexico Yes Consumer Law Seminar Nathalie Martin Full Time          
  New York Law School None                
  North Carolina central University  yes, but not offered Spring 14, fall 13 unclear Consumer Protection              
  Northeastern Yes, but unclear if offered 13/14              
  Northern Illinois University yes, but not offered Spring 14, fall 13 unclear Consumer Law              
  Northern Kentucky University None                
  Northwestern None x     None        
  Notre Dame None                
  Nova Southeastern University yes, but not offered Spring 14, fall 13 unclear Consumer Protection              
  NYU None x     None   https://its.law.nyu.edu/courses/description.cfm?id=11853  
  Ohio Northern University None                
  Ohio State Need Ohio State Access                
  Oklahoma None                
  Oklahoma City University yes, but not offered Spring 14, fall 13 unclear Consumer Law              
  Oregon None                
  Pace University None                
  Penn Not offered in 13-14 Law of Credit     None   https://www.law.upenn.edu/cf/registrar/descriptions/upperlevel.cfm
  Penn State None                
  Pepperdine None                
  Pittsburgh None                
  Quinnipiac None                
  Regent University None                
  Roger Williams University None                
  Rutgers – Newark None                
  Rutgers-Camden None                
  Samford Yes, but not offered 13/14                
  San Diego None                
  Santa Clara Yes Consumer Protection Scott Maurer; Eric Wright Full Time; Full Time Consumer & Debtors Rights Interviewing and Advising Scott Maurer; Full Time      
  Seattle Yes, but cancelled for Spring 2014,  unclear if offered 13   Consumer Protection Clinic Bryan Adamson; Full Time      
  Seton Hall Yes and clinic Consumer Law Not specified Not specified Consumer Arbitration Practicum  Unclear      
  SMU Yes and clinic Consumer Law Mary Spector Full Time Consumer Advocacy Project Mary Spector, Full Time      
  South Texas College of Law None                
  Southern Illinois – Carbondale Yes Consumer Protection Jeffrey M Feltman Adjunct          
  Southern University Law Center Yes Consumer Law Donald North Full Time Professor        
  Southwestern Law School None                
  St. John's Yes, and clinic Consumer Protection Jeff Sovern Full Time Consumer Law Clinic Ann Goldweber, Full Time,  Gina Calabrese, Full Time    
  St. Louis University None                
  St. Mary's University Yes, but not offered 13/14 Consumer Protection Law            
  St. Thomas University None                
  Stanford None X     None   http://www.law.stanford.edu/courses/2nd-3rd-year-programs  
  Stetson Yes, but unable to access 13/14  class schedule              
  Suffolk University Yes, but only Consumer Law offered 13/14 Consumer Law, Consumer Protection Barbara Anthony Adjunct          
  SUNY Buffalo Yes Hot Topics in Consumer Law Lauren Breen Full Time Consumer and Financial Advocacy Clinic Lauren Breen, Full Time      
  Syracuse None                
  Temple Yes Consumer Law and Litigation Cary Flitter Adjunct          
  Tennessee – Knoxville None                
  Texas Yes Consumer Protection Manuel Newburger Adjunct None   http://www.utexas.edu/law/sao/academics/schedules/142crssched.pdf
  Texas A&M University Yes Consumer Law Wayne Barnes Full Time Professor        
  Texas Southern University Yes Consumer Rights James M. Douglas, Okezie Chukwumerije Full time, Full Time        
  Texas Tech None                
  The John Marshall Law School Yes Consumer Law David Sorkin Full Time          
  Thomas Jefferson School of Law Clinic only, but not offered 13/14     Consumer Advocacy Skills Seminar      
  Thomas M. Cooley Law School Yes, but unclear if offered 13/14 Consumer Law              
  Touro Law School Yes, but not offered in 14, unclear if offered Fall 13 Consumer Law              
  Tulane None                
  Tulsa Yes, but not offered 13/14                
  U Florida Yes Consumer Law Melissa Murphy Adjunct          
  U Illinois-Urbana Champaign Yes, but unclear if offered 13/14 Trademark, Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection; Consumer Lending  Law Unclear            
  U Missouri – Kansas City Yes, but unclear if offered 13/14 Consumer Protection              
  U Richmond none                
  UC-California Unclear                
  UC-Davis None                
  UCLA None x     None        
  U-Connecticut Yes Consumer Protection Law and Debt Collection Dalie Jimenez Full Time          
  UNC Chappel Hill Yes Consumer Law D. Goldstein Adjunct Yes, Consumer Financial Transactions Clinic L. Collins Britton, Full Time      
  University of California – Irvine Yes, clinic       Consumer Protection Clinic Luz Herrera, Visiting Professor,  Katherine Porter, Full Time    
  University of Detroit Mercy None                
  University of La Verne None                
  University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth Yes, but not offered in 14, unclear if offered Fall 13 Consumer Law              
  University of Memphis (Humphreys) None                
  University of Puerto Rico Unverifiable                
  University of San Francisco None                
  University of South Carolina Yes Consumer Law Eboni S. Nelson Full Time          
  University of South Dakota Yes Antitrust Law and Consumer Protection Thomas Horton Full Time          
  University of St. Thomas Yes, but not offered 13/14                
  University of the District of Columbia  Yes, clinic, but not offered 13/14     Housing and Consumer Law      
  University of the Pacific None                
  University of Toledo Yes Consumer Law Kara Bruce Full Time          
  USC None x     None        
  Utah None                
  Valparaiso University None                
  Vanderbilt Yes Current Trends and Developments in Consumer Protection David Tarpley Adjunct None   http://www.vanderbilt.edu/catalogs/law/law.pdf  
  Vermont None                
  Villanova Yes, but not offered 13/14                
  Virginia Yes Consumer Law Rich Hynes Full Time None   http://lawnotes2.law.virginia.edu/lawweb/course.nsf/CBTBN?Openview&Expand=3#3
  Wake Forrest Not offered in 13-14                
  Washington Yes Consumer Law Paula Selis Adjunct          
  Washington and Lee None                
  Wayne State University Yes, but not offered 13/14  ("Spring 2014" not yet posted to website)            
  West Virginina None                
  Western New England University None                
  Western State College of Law at Argosy University Yes Consumer Law and Financing Tracie Porter Full Time          
  Whittier College None                
  Widener University Yes, but not offered in 14, unclear if offered Fall 13 Consumer Law and Litigation            
  Willamette University Yes, but not offered in 13/14 Consumer Protection Law            
  William and Mary None                
  William Mitchell College of Law None                
  Wisconsin Clinic Only       Clinical Program: Consumer Law Clinic Sarah Orr, Full time      
  WUSTL None x     None   http://law.wustl.edu/registrar/coursedir/2013-2014/FL13-CourseDescrips-LatestVersion.pdf
  Wyoming Yes Consumer Protection Dee Pridgen Full Time          
  Yale None X     None   http://ylsinfo.law.yale.edu/wsw/prereg/courseGridAll.asp  

0 thoughts on “Which Law Schools Are Teaching Consumer Law This Year?

  1. David Sorkin says:

    I’m teaching two sections of Consumer Law at The John Marshall Law School (Chicago) this year (Spring 2014 and Summer 2014). These sections are online rather than traditional classroom courses, and are open to visiting students from other schools.

  2. Alexandra Sickler says:

    University of North Dakota School of Law offers Consumer Protection Law (Spring 2014, Fall 2014). I am teaching it.

  3. Kent Barnett says:

    I teach consumer law at Georgia, and I’m full-time. We have a public-interest practicum, and students often work (but not exclusively) with consumer-debt issues. My colleague Alex Scherr teaches the practicum, and he is full-time, too.

  4. Evan Denerstein says:

    Carolyn Coffey is the adjunct professor teaching the Consumer Rights Protection Field Clinic at Cardozo.

  5. Kathleen C Engel says:

    At Suffolk this year, we offered two sections of consumer law (taught by Barbara Anthony) and one section of consumer credit that I teach. I also periodically teach a course called credit and catastrophe.
    Kathleen Engel

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