Which Consumer Law Tweeters Do You Follow?

by Jeff Sovern

I find Twitter a useful source of information on a wide variety of topics. I'm curious to know whom people follow in the area of consumer law.  Sources I find helpful (in no particular order): David Dayen, Mathew Bruckner, Financial Services (Dems on the House Financial Services Committee), Consumer Reports, Ted Frank, David Lazarus, Financial Services (GOP on House Financial Services Committee), Deepak Gupta, Chris Hoofnagle, Fred O. Williams, Paul Bland, Center for Justice & Democracy, Center for Responsible Lending, Alliance for Justice, Americans for Financial Reform, Christine Hines, Public Justice, Truth in Advertising, Dalie Jimenez, Kathleen Engel, Rob Blackwell, Evan Weinberger, IAPP Daily Dashboard.  But I am always on the lookout for more.  Please post additional recommendations in the comments.

0 thoughts on “Which Consumer Law Tweeters Do You Follow?

  1. PenniesMillions says:

    Great idea for a post; thank you and thanks to the commenters. Here are my folks to follow in addition to those listed by Professor Jimenez:
    Professor Elizabeth Joh: https://twitter.com/elizabeth_joh
    Professor Mehrsa Baradaran https://twitter.com/MehrsaBaradaran
    Michael Hitzik https://twitter.com/hiltzikm
    Herb Weisbaum: https://twitter.com/TheConsumerman
    Prof. Angela Walch: https://twitter.com/angela_walch
    Economic Hardship Reporting Project: https://twitter.com/econhardship
    Consumers International: https://twitter.com/Consumers_Int

  2. Edwin E. Bell says:

    Everyday citizens are using online media when dealing with illegal unlicensed debt collection by JBB’s who use facially fraudulent counterfeit documents when filing meritless claims against families who do NOT OWE. We have been using Twitter to publish the evidence, facts, and law about our case, used in combination with Google+ stories and Blogger stories which have a URL. Here are a few links.

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