Watch Mayor Bloomberg’s remarkable press conference on the sugary-drink ruling

by Brian Wolfman

We told you yesterday about a New York trial court decision invalidating New York City's ban on the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.

Now, go here or click on the embedded video below to see Mayor Bloomberg's remarkable press conference reacting to the ruling. In case you had any doubt: The City will appeal, and Mayor Bloomberg says he expects a reversal and reinstatement of the ban.

The mayor began the press conference with a stout defense of New York's historic support for aggressive health regulation. He noted that life expectancy in NYC is up three years since 2003 — which he attributes to the city's recent health policies — and is two years higher than the national average. He then named one health measure after another — e.g., various smoking bans — that he's proud of. Then, he explained that the one problem that has gotten worse is obesity. New York, he said, not only has the legal right, but the moral responsibility to do something about it. All in all, the mayor's press conference was an unapologetic defense of the role of government and its obligation to protect the public's health.


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