USA Today: Millions of student loans could be headed for a shakeup in coming months

Here. Excerpt:

Some changes by the Trump administration are already unfolding. The Education Department plans to consolidate the number of federal loan servicing companies from nine to one. Administration officials also have discussed moving the federal loan program from the Education Department to the Treasury Department. Meanwhile, the Trump administration announced plans to roll back two federal regulations aimed at helping borrowers who say they were misled by for-profit colleges. 

With other legislative agendas, such as health care, keeping the White House busy for the moment, many of the proposed changes in students loans likely will not be enacted until next year, if ever. But the industry anticipates the role of the private sector — which now accounts for only about 10% of the student loan volume — will increase as Trump asserts his agenda, said Stephen Dash, CEO of, a loan-rate shopping site.

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