U.S. income still down four years after end of recession

This article by Michael Fletcher discusses a new report showing that incomes in the U.S. haven't come close to recovering from the government-determined official end of the recession in mid-2009. Here's an excerpt and then two charts depicting income levels and unemployment over the last 12 and 1/2 years:

The buying power of Americans continues to be weaker than it was when
the recession ended four years ago, underscoring the lasting damage
wrought by the downturn, according to a report released Wednesday. Inflation-adjusted median household income has declined 4.4
percent, to $52,098, since June 2009, the official end of the recession,
said the report by Sentier Research, an Annapolis data-analysis firm headed by two former Census Bureau officials. Although Americans’ average income has been recovering from its recent
low point in August 2011, it remains 6.1 percent below where it stood
when the country toppled into recession in December 2007.


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