Grandpa’s coca-cola

by Brian Wolfman

We have covered the interaction between consumer protection law and efforts to stem the obesity epidemic, including NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's effort to ban large-sized sugary drinks (which has failed so far in the New York courts).

If that topic interests you, I think you'll want to watch two videos, which are linked here and here and can be viewed by clicking on the embedded videos below. The first  video is the latest in Coke's anti-obesity advertising campaign, which suggests that you should eat, exercise, and otherwise emulate "grandpa's" lifestyle a couple generations ago–that is, you should walk and bike (rather than drive everywhere) and eat sit-down balanced meals (rather than grab junk food on the run). The second video drives home a point that Coke's ad ignores: grandpa's coke was less than a third the size of today's average coke.

Bloomberg gets that (as do others, such as Richard Posner).





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