Thousands of small-claims suits against Equifax, thanks to technology

This article by Gabrielle Hernandez explains that

Chatbot company DoNotPay released a set of chatbots that can help consumers sue Equifax for negligence. Users provide their name and address to the bot, and it feeds the information into a state-designated form users can then print and file directly with the court. DoNotPay’s Equifax bots were first available specifically to residents of California and New York, and on September 12 Browder launched bots to file small claims against Equifax in all 50 states. The California and New York bots alone have already generated over 5,000 small claims alleging negligence. * * * That pressure largely depends on how many people file small claims against Equifax with or without the tool. If DoNotPay succeeds in creating a massive number of small claims around this issue, it could force Equifax to hire attorneys in essentially every state to defend against them, which could be far costlier than handling a class action claim.

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