The lack of broadband competition in the U.S.

Read this article by Kate Cox on the lack of competition in the broadband industry in the U.S. It's chock full of maps showing that, in many areas, there is no competition. Here's how Cox starts:

When announcing Comcast’s intention to buy Time Warner Cable, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts called cable a “highly competitive and dynamic marketplace.” Dynamic it might be, but competitive it isn’t. Most of us live [in] a local monopoly, cable-wise: it might be a Comcast city or a Time Warner town, but we don’t have that much choice with our providers. And those companies also, hugely, provide our broadband access. So what does 75% reach or a 15% market share really look like, to a city and the people in it?

Then, Cox goes on to use maps to provide various examples. Go to the National Broadband Map to map out your area. Here's the Boston area: