Some Borrowers Owe More than a Million Dollars in Student Loans

by Jeff Sovern

So says the WSJ here.  It reports on how one such borrower landed in that position. Meanwhile, the Times reports on How Student Debt Can Ruin Home Buying Dreams.  Disturbing articles, especially for those of us in education.

0 thoughts on “Some Borrowers Owe More than a Million Dollars in Student Loans

  1. Jay Doe says:

    students who borrow $400,000+ for undergrad +graduate school end up owing more than $600,000 due to interest rates, and for “consolidating loans, that compound original fees+ interest into the new consolidated loan principal. Not counting private student koans which were the only loan option for graduate students to obtain before GRAD PLUS loans were enacted in 2005ish….. Graduate school programs, sometimes have employees who refuse to confer earned degrees due to politics, or not liking a student…’s naive to think that once everything has been completed, as in undergrad programs that….a graduate degree will be automatically awarded. Graduate programs can delay graduation by not offering courses, needed to graduate, and by denying legitimate internship locations due to misapplication of state laws.

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