Representative Katie Porter to Join House Financial Services Committee

by Jeff Sovern

The media has devoted considerable attention to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's joining the House Financial Services Committee. I'm glad she is on the committee–the more members who are not beholden to banks, the better–and I suspect few realize how intelligent Ocasio-Cortez is (taking second place in the Intel competition is an impressive accomplishment).  But I believe the rookie member of the committee who is likely to have the most impact is former professor Katie Porter.  Not only is Porter brilliant, she is also extremely knowledgeable about consumer law and bankruptcy, having studied and written about them for years. She also brings the practical experience that comes from having monitored the mortgage settlement in California. During hearings, she may know more than some witnesses about the matters the witnesses are testifying about. She promises to be a formidable member of the committee, and I hope its members defer to her judgment.

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