Recent announcements of DOJ’s Consumer Protection Branch

April 4, 2016 — District Court Enters Injunction Against Michigan Cheese Manufacturer and Its Owners to Prevent Distribution of Adulterated Cheese

March 23, 2016 — Judge Orders Recall of Dangerous Magnets

March 21, 2016 — United States Files Enforcement Action Against Kansas Food Manufacturer and Company’s Managers to Stop Distribution of Adulterated Food Products

March 10, 2016 — British Man Indicted for Wire Fraud, Identity Theft and Money Laundering That Victimized Hundreds of Thousands Across United States

March 10, 2016 — United States Files Suit Against California Telemarketer to Halt Unlawful Robocalls Promoting Solar Panel Sales

March 4, 2016 — Woman Indicted for Impersonating FBI Agent in Connection with Lottery Fraud Scheme Based in Jamaica

March 3, 2016 — Delaware Cheese Company Pleads Guilty to Food Adulteration Charge

March 3, 2016 — District Court Enters Permanent Injunction Against Virginia-Based Sprout Producer and its Owner to Prevent Distribution of Adulterated Food

March 1, 2016 — Principal of Dietary Ingredient Companies Pleads Guilty to Multi-Million Dollar Fraud and Meth Precursor Scheme

February 26, 2016 — District Court Enters Permanent Injunction to Prevent Florida Man from Distributing Unapproved Herpes Cure

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