NY Times op-ed by G’town law prof John Brooks about why the Obama-era student-loan reforms are good and shouldn’t be ditched

Read this NY Times op-ed by Georgetown Law's John Brooks entitled Don’t Let the G.O.P. Dismantle Obama’s Student Loan Reforms. Here's an excerpt (but read the whole thing):

One of the most important — but least known — achievements of the Obama administration was the expansion of the income-driven repayment program for federal student loans. The program aims to make student loan payments affordable for everyone, regardless of their income. But Republicans, in their endless quest to undo everything Mr. Obama did, are now trying to dismantle the program under the guise of reform, citing misleading claims of high costs and low effectiveness. In fact, the program’s costs are low, and the student loan system as a whole is financially self-sustaining. More important, we should be increasing investment in higher education and support for students, not the reverse.


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