Read about Office Depot’s scam to fix infected computers that were not infected and needed no fixing

Read Michele Singletary's column about the scam here. The allegations against Office Depot were not pretty, and, as SIngletary explains, the Federal Trade Commission has put an end to the fraudulent scheme. Here's the gist of it:

Although not admitting any wrongdoing, Office Depot and California-based have agreed to pay $35 million to settle the claim that they deceived customers into believing their computers were infected with malicious malware and vulnerable to other security threats. The FTC alleged that, from at least 2009 to late 2016, the companies would offer customers a free “PC Health Check Program” to determine whether their computers had any performance problems. But the real purpose of the checkup was to aggressively sell diagnostic and repair services to customers that, in many cases, they didn't need, according to Claire Wack, an attorney in the FTC's division of marketing practices and the lead attorney on the case.

Read the FTC's press release, which contains links to key documents in the case.

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