Please keep Katie Porter on the House Financial Services Committee

by Jeff Sovern

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Representative Katie Porter may be dropped from the House Financial Services Committee.  As someone who has regularly listened to House Financial Services Committee hearings on consumer matters for years, I believe that would be a huge loss. I cannot think of anyone who has been a more effective questioner of witnesses. And Katie may know her stuff better than any other committee member. She has taught courses on subjects within the committee's jurisdiction, she wrote a consumer law casebook (as someone who co-authored a competing casebook, I can say that writing a casebook forces you to learn a great deal about the subject), she has written important articles on the topics within the committee's bailiwick, and she has practical experience, such as when she served as the independent monitor for compliance in California with the mortgage settlement. I could go on, but you get the point. The country needs Katie Porter on this committee. If you agree, please let your representative in the House know.

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