Paul Bland in Daily Kos: Banning Class Actions Will Not Put “America First”

Here.  Excerpt:

Drywall from China was . . . highly toxic.

* * *

Approximately 60,000 homes built with drywall from China were affected, according to one source. In fact, the problems caused by this imported drywall are so massive and widespread that individual lawsuits could not have even begun to make a dent in the problem.  

Fortunately, many homeowners were able to seek a solution via class action suits that provided much needed financial compensation as well as helping to fix the underlying problem.

* * *

[P]roperty owners were essentially compensated for 100% of their losses

* * *

Under a new bill from GOP Congressman Bob Goodlatte now making its way through Congress, however, remedies like this would be made virtually impossible. The so-called “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act” (a misnomer if ever there was one) would wipe away Americans’ ability to take on companies whose defective products put their health and safety at risk.

From dangerous drywall from China, to defective and harmful precription drugs – and nearly everything in-between – this sweeping legislation would essentially inoculate foreign companies flooding the American market with dangerous products from ever having to answer for their behavior in court. American consumers would be blocked from the courts in favor of boosting corporations’ bottom line.


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