New FDA cigarette-pack graphic warnings finalized; slated to go into effect 2021

Jacqueline Howard of CNN explains here that "the US Food and Drug Administration issued a final rule Tuesday that requires tobacco companies to place new graphic health warnings on cigarette packages and in advertisements. Beginning on June 18, 2021, the new cigarette health warnings will be required on cigarette packages and in advertisements, occupying the top 50% of the area on the front and back panels of packages and at least 20% of the area at the top of cigarette ads, according to the FDA." 

Here's RJ Reynold's predicable (and immoral) response: "We support the goal of reinforcing and sustaining the near universal public awareness of the dangers of smoking, but attempting to shock cigarette smokers away from making an informed choice through the use of grotesque pictorial warnings is poor public health policy as well as an unconstitutional violation of free speech."

Here are the proposed graphic warnings:

190815132933-fda-smoking-warning-0815-exlarge-169 (1)

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