New Books by Senators Elizabeth Warren & Al Franken: The Consumer Law Perspective

by Jeff Sovern

I recently listened to the audio versions of these two books, Al Franken, Giant of the Senate and Warren's This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class.  Each is read by the author. I enjoyed both thoroughly: they are inspiring, interesting, and Franken's is, as might be expected of a former Saturday Night Live writer, funny.  I am sorry to report, however, that even though both senators have played a role in consumer law, consumer law for some unknown reason does not take center stage in these books.  Warren's book has more on consumer law, just as her career has included more consumer law.  Among other things, she discusses the Wells Fargo scandal and how she came to call former Wells CEO John Stumpf "gutless" during a hearing on the scandal, in a widely-reported exchange.  Franken, a chief sponsor of the Arbitration Fairness Act, talks a bit about arbitration, but only a bit, and much of that is in connection with employment, especially by contractors in the Iraq war.  They clearly don't know how to boost sales.

I am normally wary of such books by politicians, but for balance, I am looking for a good one by a Republican that is relatively recent. If you have a suggestion please post it in the comments. It would have to be available in audio (most recent releases are), and discussions of consumer law are a plus.

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