Neil Sobol asks for your help in updating the survey of law school consumer law offerings

Guest post from Neil Sobol:

Howdy consumer law colleagues:

This posting requests information to help update my survey on consumer laws offerings in law school. In an August 2020 blog,  I forwarded a chart created by my research assistant. The chart was part of a project to update the consumer law offerings chart reported in Jeff Sovern's post in 2019. It was based on my assistant's review of the websites of  201 ABA-accredited law schools. The latest version of the chart is available here. It is intended to reflect for each listed school: (1) "consumer-related classes," which refers to courses that historically contain consumer law topics, (2) "consumer-specific classes," which refers to course offerings that have "consumer" in their names, and (3) consumer law clinical/experiential opportunities.

Because some course information is likely outdated on schools' websites, I request your help. Please send any corrections or comments to so that I can update the chart. Any input is greatly appreciated.

I intend to present the updated information at the Teaching Consumer Law Conference in Santa Fe in May 2022. Hope to see you there!

Professor Neil Sobol, Texas A&M School of Law

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