More on the Fiat Chrysler recalls – control problems and explosions

Brian posted earlier this morning about cyber-security concerns leading to some of the recalls. Two other notable aspects of today's recall and $105 million fine, the largest in U.S. history, are:

-The company will offer to buy back up to half a million Dodge Ram pickups because of suspension problems that can result in a loss of control, and

-The company will recall Jeep Grand Cherokees whose gas tanks are placed behind the rear axle so as to be vulnerable to an explosion in a rear-end collision.

Here's the Detroit Free Press story, attributing the recalls in part to a new, tougher approach from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and its new head Mark Rosekind, appointed about seven months ago. Coverage from ABC News points out that 75 deaths have been linked to the Grand Cherokee fuel tank problem.

Kudos to our friends at the Center for Auto Safety for their years of tireless work on the Grand Cherokee issue

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