Judge Approves Class Settlement over Sketchers’ Unfounded Claims

A federal judge in
Kentucky approved last week a $40 million class-action settlement between
Skechers USA Inc. and consumers who bought Skechers' toning shoes from August 2008 – August 2012. The Skechers' ads made
unfounded claims that the shoes would help people lose weight and strengthen

Consumers with approved claims will be paid up to $80 per
pair of Shape-Ups, up to $84 per pair of Resistance Runner shoes, up to $54 per
pair of Podded Sole Shoes; and up to $40 per pair of Tone-Ups. The settlement covers more than 520,000 claims.

Any money left over after the consumer claims are paid out
will be paid to the Federal Trade Commission.

The settlement website has the notice, settlement agreement, claim form, and other material. The deadline for submitting a claim has passed. The AP reported on the settlement in this article yesterday.

0 thoughts on “Judge Approves Class Settlement over Sketchers’ Unfounded Claims

  1. Karl says:

    Doesn’t truth in advertising mean anything? It should! Lying to people to fleece them of their money is, and ought to remain, a crime. Unfortunately it is not prosecuted often enough because of the worship of the “free market” in this country, which seems to include the idea that free to lie is acceptable.

  2. michele says:

    In this I fall on the side of Sketchers. I purchased more than one pair and the shoes were bad for my ankles. I did not file a claim. Sketchers marketing claims do not disturb me as a consumer. I tend to think the suit is more about lawyers making a mountain out of a molehill.

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