Jean Sternlight Article: Consumer Arbitration as a Poster Child for Regulation

Jean R. Sternlight of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has written Hurrah for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Consumer Arbitration As a Poster Child for Regulation, 48 St. Mary's Law Journal 343 (2016)Here is the abstract:

Drawing on economic, psychological and philosophical considerations, this Essay considers whether consumers should be "free" to "agree" to contractually trade their opportunity to litigate in a class action for the opportunity to bring an arbitration claim against a company. The Essay suggests that by looking at the CFPB's regulation through these three lenses, one sees that the regulation is desirable—even a poster child—for the potential value of regulation when market forces are not sufficient to protect individual or public interests.

0 thoughts on “Jean Sternlight Article: Consumer Arbitration as a Poster Child for Regulation

  1. Edwin Bell says:

    Class action attorneys may see some relief for potential financial gain by allowing litigation against violators of the law. Unfortunately, many consumer attorneys are NOT committed defending against corporate & judicial corruption onslaught occurring nationally.
    Any Individual defending pro se against corporate attorneys using fraud by way of false affidavits and untrue accounting face a completely biased and prejudice judiciary.
    The future looks very grim for most victims of “Junk Debt Buyer” fraud and harassment.

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