Industry Lawyers Warn Against Eliminating the CFPB

Joann Needleman and Manny Newburger have an essay in the American Banker, In the fight over the CFPB, everyone could end up a loser. It’s behind a paywall but accessible on Lexis. You can read more about Needleman and Newburger at their linked bios. They write:

Opponents of the CFPB risk throwing out the good with the bad, as many of [the CFPB’s] regulations have provided much-needed clarity to the business sectors that they regulate. Industry would be foolish to think that life would be better without many of the regulations for which the CFPB is responsible. At the same time, supporters of the CFPB must recognize that the refusal to compromise on structure or funding could lead to ruin. Whether there are appropriations or even a commission (instead of a single director), the mission remains the same. Nothing about the CFPB’s work will change nor should it. Spending the next two years on a risky gamble of “our way or the highway” could, at the end of the day, harm consumers the most.

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