Immigrant rights groups and other legal services providers sue FTC under the Freedom of Information Act for access to consumer-complaint database

Read about it here. Here's an excerpt:

Hiring a nonlawyer to do legal work carries the risk of a bad
outcome, but the stakes can be especially high for immigrants. Misfiled
forms or missed deadlines can lead to deportation. Legal fraud
targeting immigrants is on the rise, according to immigration lawyers
who blame confusion arising from the political debate over immigration
reform. Washington-area civil legal services groups recently sued the
Federal Trade Commission for access to a national database of consumer
complaints, saying the information would aid in the fight against fraud
that affects immigrants and other vulnerable or low-income communities. In a suit filed in Washington federal district court August 20, the
nonprofits said the FTC wrongfully denied a Freedom of Information Act request for broad access to the database, which is open to law
enforcement agencies.

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