“How Jury Grievance Reports Whitewash Corporate Misconduct”

The Center for Justice and Democracy has issued a report titled “Nuclear Fizzle: How Jury Grievance Reports Whitewash Corporate Misconduct and Dehumanize Victims.” Here is the brief summary:

“Corporate lobby groups are issuing reports criticizing juries when their large corporate members lose cases (which we call “jury grievance reports”). Their focus is on what they offensively call ‘nuclear verdicts.’ This study takes a meticulous look at these verdicts, examining the actual evidence relied upon by juries to reach them. We find that corporate reports that criticize juries whitewash often egregious corporate malfeasance that led to these verdicts, dehumanize the experiences of those who have been hurt, and mock jurors who carefully make their decisions based on evidence presented by both sides of a case.”

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