How did ordinary people experience the foreclosure crisis?

That's the subject of a new book by Linda Fisher of Seton Hall and Judith L. Fox of Notre Dame, published by Cambridge Press, The Foreclosure Echo: How the Hardest Hit Have Been Left Out of the Economic Recovery. You can read the introduction here. Here's the abstract:

This paper includes the Table of Contents and Introduction to a book recently published by Cambridge University Press: It tells the story of the foreclosure crisis from a new perspective – that of ordinary people who experienced it. Using actual experiences – often examined through a legal lens – supplemented by economic, social science and legal research, The Foreclosure Echo explains how people experienced the crisis and how their lenders and public institutions let them down. The book also details the lingering effects of the crisis – such as vacant and abandoned buildings – and how these effects have magnified inequality. Finally, the book suggests reforms that could help avoid another crisis.

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