Hackers threaten to wipe iPhones

Consumerist reports that a hacker group claims to unprecedented access to iPhones and is threatening to remotely wipe them clean if Apple doesn’t pay a ransom.

Motherboard reports that the group of hackers — known as the Turkish Crime Family — allegedly gained access to a list of between 300 million and 559 million iCloud and Apple email accounts and plan to delete the associated devices on April 7.

That is unless Apple pays it $75,000 in crypto-currency or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards. If that happens, the hackers say they will simply delete the list.

An exchange between the group of hackers and Apple security team members has been ongoing for at least a week ….

In one email a security team member asks for a sample of the hacker’s list. In another, the hackers claim they have 300 million emails, while yet another claims the list contains 559 accounts.

The full Consumerist story is here.

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