FTC: Food Health Claims Must Be Backed by Good Science

As explained in this article by Jenna Greene, "the Federal Trade Commission in a final decision issued January 16
will require juice maker POM Wonderful to conduct extensive clinical
trials before it can make any claims about the health benefits of its
products." And those clinical trials must produce "competent and and reliable scientific evidence" showing that what POM Wonderful says about the health benefits of its products is true. The Commission went further, spelling out what it means by "competent and reliable scientific evidence" in its final order in the POM Wonderful case:

at least two randomized and controlled human clinical trials of the Covered Product that are randomized, well controlled, based on valid end points, and conducted by persons qualified by training and experience to conduct such studies. Such studies shall also yield statistically significant results, and shall be double-blinded unless Respondents can demonstrate that blinding cannot be effectively implemented given the nature of the intervention.

For our previous coverage of the POM Wonderful case, go here and here.   

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