CFPB Issues New Rules for Mortgage Servicers

Mortgage servicers are the folks who collect your mortgage payments. Under new rules issued today by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, servicers will have to change their ways. Perhaps the most important change, as explained in this National Law Journal article, is "[a]t the first sign of trouble, when a homeowner has missed two
consecutive mortgage payments, the servicer must let the homeowner know
about alternatives to foreclosure. The information must be provided in
writing, and describe all the options available from the loan owner –
not just the ones that are most financially favorable to the servicer." The Washington Post also has a story on the new rules.

UPDATE: Go here for the CFPB's press release on the new mortgage servicing rules. The press release comprehensive reviews the rules' key provisions. Go here for a summary of the rules. Go here for a fact sheet about the rules.

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