FTC consumer tips for people affected by Louisiana floods

In the wake of the flooding in Louisiana, the Federal Trade Commission has developed a series of blog posts with information for people affected by the floods and people who want to help through charitable donations.

These three FTC posts offer information and tips for dealing with disasters and flood-damaged vehicles being sold, and for charitable giving:

Surviving a flood – Dealing with the aftermath offers advice for dealing with the aftermath of a weather emergency/disaster. Topics include insurance claims, rental housing scams, clean-up and debris removal scams, assistance for homeowners from lenders, and options for paying bills.

Shopping for a car? Be alert for flood damage warns people that flood-damaged cars are often cleaned up and taken out of state for sale – as many as half of all vehicles damaged by flooding eventually return to market.

Helping Victims of the Flooding in Louisiana — Make Sure Your Donations Count advises that, before giving money to help people in disaster-affected areas, people should be sure their donations are going to a reputable organization.

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