Former Governor Romney’s Health Care Plans

Former Governor Romney has said that he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act (and replace it with what he says are more market-oriented policies) and modify Medicare. He says that his health care reforms would not negatively affect the benefits of anyone 55 or older. This article by Sarah Kliff questions that claim. Here's an excerpt:

It has been a central campaign promise from Mitt Romney: His Medicare
overhaul plan would not touch benefits for anyone older than 55.
That may not, however, be the case with the Republican
presidential nominee’s other health-care proposals. A growing body of
research suggests that his plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and
cut Medicaid funding would have a direct impact on the health care that
seniors receive. Repealing the health law would mean higher Medicare premiums, the Kaiser Family Foundation found
in a recent analysis. Wellness visits and prescription drugs also would
cost more. Although under the current law, reductions in doctor
payments could create an access issue. The impact could be
greatest for the lowest-income seniors, who qualify for both the
Medicare and Medicaid programs, and there could be a significant
slowdown in federal funds available for their care.


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